South Sudanese woman with flag

The World's Newest Battle

What is so Important About South Sudan?

There are needs the world over. Poverty and war are certainly not unique to Africa. But South Sudan is unique in its determination to build itself from its founding on principles of Christian governance. The issues of nation-building have been made so clear there in the contest between Christianity and statism.

This is why special-interests are opposing the nation’s will, and interfering with the simple desire of a sincere people. This website will provide opportunities for interested parties to help in several parts of the world, but will outline specific opportunities to go help, to participate from the US, or to participate in nation-building activity in the US. Once viewers of the film learn about the conditions of cultural, economic and spiritual prostration in South Sudan, many will want to assist in the nation-building effort.

The Republic of South Sudan is the first nation in the world to secede from a genocidal Islamic regime. They won their independence and (largely) peace last year after decades of bloody fighting and dying. Most of the physical bombs have stopped falling on them. But subtle new antagonists have moved in. A new kind of fight has begun in earnest. It is a conflict for dominion. Which culture will have dominion in this new nation? The orderly civilization of Christianity? Or the fundamentalist tyranny of the secular State? Who will succeed in guiding the culture? The Christian families who want a Christian nation? Or the armies of the rich globalists pressuring the poorest people on earth to reject the very foundations that can make a nation strong, healthy, and blessed by the God of Nations?