South Sudanese woman with flag

The World's Newest Battle

What is so Important About South Sudan?

There are needs the world over. Poverty and war are certainly not unique to Africa. But South Sudan is unique in its determination to build itself from its founding on principles of Christian governance. The issues of nation-building have been made so clear there in the contest between Christianity and statism.

This is why special-interests are opposing the nationís will, and interfering with the simple desire of a sincere people. This website will provide opportunities for interested parties to help in several parts of the world, but will outline specific opportunities to go help, to participate from the US, or to participate in nation-building activity in the US. Once viewers of the film learn about the conditions of cultural, economic and spiritual prostration in South Sudan, many will want to assist in the nation-building effort.

Summary of the
March Expedition

The March Journey of Discovery has ended with gratitude to God, and gratitude to you for your prayers and concern.

We are back with findings, answers to four pressing questions about Africa, and over two terabytes of historic digital video footage. These findings will fascinate you, and you can continue to be part of this timely journey by praying intelligently about what you read below.

The primary mission of the trip was to assist Christian nation-builders in an effort that is truly rare in history. When nations fall and when nations rise, it is a very big deal, historically and spiritually. It is never by the will of man, but by the judgment of God, and the steadfast love of God.

Observations from the Field Team

Cham Dallas

South Sudan is important. You would never know this from the media coverage, which tends to be related to the interest of various celebrities, or from United Nations reports of body counts. From these sources, you can tell that something significant has been going on there, such as the 2.5 million people killed and 4 million displaced. It is when you examine who these people are, and what they have accomplished, despite our ignorance, that you realize that this is one of the most important countries in the world (in addition to being the youngest).

Cham Dallas

Reactions to Kony 2012

Geoffrey Botkin on the African reaction to Kony 2012

On the day the viral sensation Kony 2012 was released to the web, Geoffrey Botkin happened to be on the ground in Africa, in one of the villages once raided by Joseph Konyís terrorists. Fighting, burning, genocide, rape, torture and cannibalism had long ago emptied the village, but fearful residents were beginning to return, building new mud huts, and new lives, in the infant nation known as the Republic of South Sudan. They spoke to Mr. Botkin about the past, present and future. Since Geoffrey Botkinís return to the US, the Jason Russell video has garnered some 100 million internet views, Time Magazine has published a cover story, Congress has debated legislation, and the director of the Kony 2012 documentary was detained by police because of alleged criminal conduct. These events have raised important moral issues about moral standards and the consequences of crime.

The first time I saw her she was standing outdoors behind a privacy screen trying to shower, pouring water from a rusty can over her crooked shoulders, which protruded above the tattered plastic sheet stretched between flimsy vertical stakes. Esther was getting ready for her interview. All the children in her village had Biblical names, and Estherís parents had named her after a Queen. When she sat down for her interview she looked much like a queen, though she had been a slave three separate times in Joseph Konyís empire of violence, one of the few women to survive such an experience.