Geoffrey Botkin

About Geoffrey Botkin

Geoffrey Botkin is a cultural analyst. He has studied the issues of culture, art, politics, education, history and war for forty years. He has communicated publicly primarily through the medium of the public affairs documentary. He is a senior advisor to The Western Conservatory of the Arts and Sciences.

Comments from American leaders on the planned film series:

“Just as Francis Schaeffer’s ‘How Shall We Then Live’ challenged a generation to take action, Geoffrey Botkin’s ‘The Battle for Civilization’ will be heralded by future generations as a series that helped expose the efforts to emasculate Christendom through the instrument of history. The greatest heroes of history embodied a masculine faith that is rarely taught in either the church, or society, today. In recovering the real story, Botkin paves the way for the courageous reform America so desperately needs. In times of crisis, nations need great communicators and Geoffrey Botkin is certainly one of ours.”

Dr. T. E. Moffitt, Chairman, Family Policy Network

Adjunct Professor of School Law in the graduate program, Columbia International University
“Geoffrey Botkin’s historical understanding does not stop at research and mundane record but always leads to keen analysis and vivid interpretation in writing and film. Botkin’s clear eye sees through to the presuppositions and philosophy behind intellectual and social movements and their promotion of or opposition to Christian civilization. As a teacher Geoffrey Botkin is nonpareil — a sharp biblical analyst and lucid communicator.”

William E. Potter

Historian and Curator of the Circa History Guild
“The need for this project could not be greater. Botkin combines watertight, visionary thinking with aesthetic power. ‘The Battle for Civilization’ will contain ideas and concepts that could change the present course of American history. Perhaps no man is more qualified to bring this panoramic worldview message of hope to the 21st century Church than Geoffrey Botkin.”

Douglas W. Phillips, Esq.

President, The Vision Forum
“Geoffrey Botkin is a true scholar and artist. Without exception, everyone I know in our profession looks to him as a master in understanding and using media to impact the culture.”

Colin Gunn

Award-winning Documentarian
“Geoffrey Botkin reminds us that we must take an honest look at where we have been if we truly want to know where we are going. Moreover, in an age of moral, intellectual and spiritual decline, he is one of the few men who has the wisdom, intelligence, and integrity necessary for the kind of introspection and analysis that true cultural transformation requires.”

Dr. Voddie Baucham

Alliance for Church and Family Reformation
“After spending over three decades traveling America and speaking on restoring a biblical worldview to our failing culture, I have found no one in our country more lucid and insightful as a speaker and thinker than Geoffrey Botkin. He is one of the foremost leaders who are bringing reformation to America.”

Dr. Marshall Foster

President, Mayflower Institute