About Geoffrey Botkin

Geoffrey Botkin is a husband, father and grandfather who takes great delight in his family. He and his family work together to articulate misplaced truths and lessons about family dynamics and the strength of the family institution. Through the Western Conservatory of the Arts and Sciences he publishes materials for primarily for leaders in the United States, Europe and Africa.

Works in progress include a documentary on the role families can play in the development of civil society.

About Battle for Civilization

After WWII, the war-weary nations of Europe began to rebuild their cultures. Buildings lay as rubble, but the foundations of civility were still there. The survivors carried a deep Christian heritage of civility, literacy, virtue, industry, personal discipline, a free economy, and law and order. From this foundation peaceful cities rose from the ashes.

But what if a nation has endured destructive war over many generations? What if that nation never had a deep Christian heritage? What if the main foundations are dust, pagan superstitions, and the bones of family members killed by genocidal enemies? What if that is all you have? How can a nation be built from nothing?